Achievement and SIP

Achievement and School Improvement Planning

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Brookfield High School follows the guidelines set out in the OCDSB Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluation, available on the Board’s web site (

All students participate in District-wide evaluation projects in 2D and 2P Mathematics and 4U and 4C English. Our students continue to achieve on the local and national scene in a wide variety of academic, artistic, and athletic endeavours.

Our graduating class of 2013 consisted of:

• 10% earning a French Immersion Certificate

• 40% being Ontario Scholars (80% or more in Grade 12 U/M subjects)

• 11% winning Silver Medals (90% or more in Grade 12 U/M subjects)

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

In our School Improvement Plan for 2013-2014, our school-wide goal focuses on helping our students develop proficiency in creating, analyzing and interpreting graphic texts across all curricular areas. Brookfield teachers are committed to working in collaborative teams to maximize student success. Teachers are also working with instructional coaches to enhance their teaching practices. They work using a collaborative inquiry model characterized by interdependent goal setting, data-based decision making and a focus on evidence based instructional strategies and learner profiles.

We continue to offer the Ontario Literacy Course with exceptional results. We implemented a school-wide reading program to improve literacy and have doubled our Brookfield Reads time to 40 minutes a week. Additionally, we have launched a Boys Read group to address the issue of boys’ literacy. Our Student Success Teacher is actively involved with helping our students through Credit Recovery and Credit Rescue opportunities and our teachers voluntarily staff the Homework Center after school four days a week.

In the area of grade 8 to 9 transitions we provide a LINK program that begins working with the new students in early September. Specially selected senior students, under the close supervision of three staff members, work in small groups of 10. Throughout the year activities are planned and academic follow-ups occur. Character Education is a commitment of the entire staff and our LINK program has adopted it as their theme with senior students being key role models. Our Brookfield Pledge, highlighting ten character traits, forms the basis of activities and initiatives.

Academic enrichment opportunities are provided through participation in regional, provincial and Canada-wide competitions. We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to expand and enrich the school life of our students, and are always open to suggestions from our student population, our parent community through our School Council, and the community at large. Brookfield is a positive, caring school environment, and we are all committed to its continued excellence and

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